Bisque doll

HK’s famous doll brand launches dim sum and frozen instant noodles at S’pore supermarkets

Never had a very hot bowl gong zai meenor Hong Kong style instant noodlesin a lively neighborhood cha chaan teng? Chances are it was cooked with Doll Brand’s instant noodles. The popular surname (called “gong zai” in Cantonese) is so ingrained in the city’s food culture that locals refer to instant noodles as gong zai meen.

Only recently you can get Doll Brand’s authentically HK range of instant foods – like noodles and frozen dim sum – in Singapore. Items are now stocked exclusively at NTUC FairPrice supermarkets, so you can easily pick up the goodies for a

Seafood Dumplings (Shao Mai)

The siew mai comes in a pack of 10. We give it a quick steam and they turn out juicy and flavorful, with chunks of shrimp, sea bream, plaice and egg giving the siew mai a rich burst of flavor umami. Delicious with a dash of chili sauce as a quick breakfast or afternoon snack.

Mini sticky rice balls

These little bundles wrapped in lotus leaves, the size of our palms, are adorable. Each small package is well-proportioned as a compact snack (ideal when you’re feeling a little hungry and have no one to share a huge gold may gay with). It is stuffed with savory sticky rice and fragrant dried shrimp and mushrooms. Ho sek.

Shrimp wontons

Interestingly, these wontons (sold in a pack of 12) come with their own seafood soup base and sesame oil condiment, so you can enjoy a bowl of dumplings. Each wonton is generously stuffed with a shrimp filling and is quite satisfying, but we recommend adding them to a packet of Doll Brand instant noodles for a bowl of homemade wonton mee. zhng your meal. Or shake things up and whip up a delicious side dish by draining cooked wontons and tossing them in a mala sauce or vinegar-chili oil blend for a spicy, addictive kick.

Shrimp rice roll

What is yum cha time without good old cheong fun? There’s a vegetarian option for non-meat eaters, but we prefer the shrimp cheong delight for its substantial filling of springy shrimp wrapped in a silky smooth rice paper. The cheong fun comes with its own sweet and salty soy sauce dipping sauce – add your own chopped scallions and fried shallots to elevate the dish.

Doll brand instant noodles

Fun fact: while instant noodles are commonly referred to as “gong zai meenin Hong Kong, “gong zai” refers to the Cantonese name of Doll Brand. Its popularity has led it to become synonymous with instant noodles in Hong Kong, regardless of brand – much like Maggi mee here.

There are six flavors to choose from here, and they’re all intriguing – think sesame oil, spicy Thai lobster, and dry spicy beef. Aside from the free shrimp flavor above, our picks of the lot are the Sesame Oil and Dry Spicy Beef flavors.

Instant noodles with sesame oil

The first thing you notice is how wildly fragrant the base of the soup is, seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds. The broth is light but more indulgent – we love how it pairs well with al-dente noodles, which have a chewy texture. Add your own fried egg and ground meat to create a quintessential cha chaan teng plate.

Spicy Beef Dry Instant Noodles

It is perhaps more shiok than the classic Indomie mee goreng; springy noodles are spiced up with a spicy black pepper and beef seasoning. Although it doesn’t come with real beef, you can add tender sliced ​​beef or a fried egg to make a hearty meal.

Doll Brand frozen instant noodles and dim sum are available at all major NTUC FairPrice outlets.