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‘Haunted doll’ moment flashes as frightened viewers claim it’s a ‘worst nightmare’

A woman who collects ‘haunted’ dolls has shared a video of one blinking then appearing to turn towards her – with viewers calling it a nightmare.

British artist Soulmori shows off the old-fashioned doll – which she named “Marabelle” – wearing a green satin dress and bonnet.

The doll has eyelids that move and they appear to float as if moved by the wind, though Soulmori wildly claims the toy is inhabited by a ghost.

Suddenly, the doll spins with a jerky motion much like early stop-motion animations.

“I was recording my doll blinking by herself and she turned to look me straight in the eye,” Soulmori says, adding in the caption, “Why did she scare me like that?”

Doll has eyelashes that appear to float

The video has been “liked” over 230,000 times on his @soulmori TikTok and it seems to have sent a shiver down the spine of many viewers, one of whom commented, “This is my worst nightmare.”

Soulmori told viewers not to worry, saying Marabelle “is a friendly, caring spirit” and blinks “when she’s happy, often to get my attention, or when I just walked into the room.”

The doll is called Marabelle by its owner
The doll is called Marabelle by its owner

Despite this, many users still found the collection to be quite chilling, with one writing: “That blue-clad doll on the corner looks straight into my soul.”

There were also skeptical viewers, with a blast: “People who believe stuff like that are really gullible lol.”

“Lmao why do people believe this,” another commented.

Soulmori replied, “Why are you rude about other people’s spiritual beliefs?”

It comes after a man sensationally claimed he bought a ‘demon-possessed’ doll and cried tears of acid, while trying to set himself on fire.

Matt Paranormal claims he bought the morbid doll at an auction after hearing it was found in a house fire where the owners had died.