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Halloween Tips to Make a Doll Really Spooky

My friend Jennifer is one of the most eccentric people I know. We share passions for Broadway, irreverence, dark humor and Halloween. Recently, she shared photos on Facebook of a seemingly harmless doll that she transformed into an absolutely terrifying terror demon. I knew I had to share his advice on how to do it. So this is it. This is how you turn a child’s doll into a sort of doll of the dead for Halloween.


Jennifer’s first piece of advice is simple. She says, “Buy discarded dolls at Goodwill.” And she makes a point, doesn’t she? If you’re absolutely going to destroy a doll, why spend a lot of money on it? The best approach here is cheap. Save your money for the special effects!


Take duct tape and hide their eyes. Now you might be wondering, “Why the hell would you do that?” Well, Jennifer provides a rather simple, if not alarming, explanation. She says, “Because it’s scarier with their normal eyes.”


Strip the dolls and spray them black. Completely black. Let them dry overnight.


Once the dolls are painted black and dried, generously cover the babies with crackling medium, which you’ll see in the photo gallery below. Allow to dry, then brush them roughly with a white or flesh-colored acrylic paint (also pictured in the gallery below). Let it dry too. Also, it’s important to note that, according to Jennifer, you can stop here and be done with it. They are already “scary and cool”. However, there is more fun and destruction on Halloween. So this is it !


Jennifer says if you’re feeling dashing and particularly macabre, you can also “add extra touches such as gray or black paint around the eyes, purples or pinks if you want a more sub-mundane baby. Or you can add blood if you want them to be vampires or maybe eat raw chicken”. MDR!!!


This step is the simplest. Remove the masking tape to reveal the natural eye, which looks “super scary.”

Well, Jennifer is right. They are definitely SUPER creepy. Looked!

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