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Hadiqa Calls Kanika a Thief, ‘Baby Doll’ Singer Retorts: Everything You Need to Know About This Feud

Star singer Hadiqa Kiani has taken to her Instagram Stories to address the frequent theft of her songs. This time around, Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor’s rendition of Boohey Barianentitled Buhe Baariyan, became the focal point of Hadiqa’s anger.

Posted on Saregama Music’s YouTube channel, the song credited Gourov Dasgupta and Shruti Rane as composers, with lyrics credited to Kunwar Juneja.

When it comes to her Instagram stories, the Dobara the star talked about another take on her classic “Boohey Baryan” by an Indian singer who adds to the long list. “Another day and another shameless rendition of the song my mother wrote,” Hadiqa wrote with the clip for Kapoor’s latest release.

In 1998, Hadiqa released her second album, Roshni, which featured songs that still remain etched in the hearts of music fanatics. Among the many songs on the album, Boohey Barianthe sixth single from Kiani’s album, resonated and touched so many people that it is still considered one of the best known Pakistani songs.

In his stories, the Zindagi Gulzar Hai crooner explains how in “another shameless rendition of the song [her] mother wrote, “no one asked permission or gave her royalties, using the song as just a ‘money-making ploy’.” She then lists examples of when the song was stolen.

She mentions that while she can chart the royalty due process when covering songs, others keep failing, especially since she’s alive and well. She talks about how she wants to be flattered by these covers, since it can be seen as a form of homage, but having others benefit from her work is just not fair. Hadiqa also clarifies that she has nothing against the singer or anyone singing her song – it’s the process that irritates her. She ends the first story by saying, “Anyway, Pakistani music theft continues.”

Ace director Nabeel Qureshi took inspiration from his stories to call Kanika Kapoor a “chor”, suggesting that Hadiqa Kiani take action against the song, given the YouTube channel’s strike. He said the need to take a stand is essential.

the Dobara the star took to her stories once again to double down on the fact that she owns all the rights to Boohey Barian, stating that with all the documents proving his ownership, his team will take action. She reiterates that no company or entity was given any masters or rights to the song. She ends her story by stating that she has been silent long enough.

Recently, an Indian influencer Diet Sabya claimed that Saregama owns the rights, while another allegation stated that the original owner had sold all rights to the master, speculating that Hadiqa’s mother may have sold the rights to a label in Pakistan, which was then probably acquired. by Saregama.

This was quickly refuted by Hadiqa, who reiterated that she never sold rights to her songs. She went on to mention that many people have claimed her songs illegally since the 90s, but now she and her team are taking the appropriate steps to prevent that from happening, ensuring justice is served.

Kanika Kapoor refutes Hadiqa Kiani's claim of stealing the song

Now Kapoor has responded to Kiani’s accusations of plagiarizing his popular hit number, Boohey Barian on his social media handle.

Talk to Hindustan timethe Doll hit-maker alleged that anyone who heard the song would know that from “antras to everything”, the song is “completely original”.

Kapoor told the publication, “It’s a folk song and there’s a lot of it we’ve heard online and no one has ever said anything about it.”

the Kamlee The crooner also mentioned that he hadn’t “cut and pasted” any old folk songs.

“We were inspired by two lines. It’s very unfair to the writer Kunwar Juneja and Shruti Rane who composed this new song. Also, it’s unfair to me if someone says I’m trying to steal someone’s job,” she explained.

The singer also expressed her disappointment at the allegations of “not giving them proper credit”.

She commented, “I think instead of becoming negative, we need to come together and help each other grow.”

Adding to that, she also said nothing was done intentionally.

“We are all credible people. There was no intention to steal any videos or steal anyone’s work,” she noted.

During this time, the Chittiyan Kalaiyan The artist apologized and said she was sorry “if they upset anyone’s emotions.”

To that end, Kapoor also said she has immense respect for “Pakistani singers and music”.