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GoFundMe viral campaign by Asian Doll anti-fans to PAY the rapper to leave New York

GoFundMe is a great initiative that has gotten various causes noticed and funded. Many people have received the help they need, including scammers. But can you believe that a campaign has been launched to deport someone from New York? Yes! New Yorkers have supposedly banded together to get rapper Asian Doll to return to her hometown in Texas and leave New York for good, using money from a GoFundMe campaign.

The goal of the fundraising effort, which kicked off on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, is obvious from the start: “Help Asian Doll return to Texas.” According to the organizer, the fundraiser was started in response to people’s concerns about Asian Doll’s effect on music in the city. A statement on the page read, “All of NYC is very concerned that Asian Doll may be stranded in New York,” he added, “We have all come together to help Sandy get out of the Bikini Bottom Bronx Hopping and back to Texas where she came from.”


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The organizer went on to say, “This individual has impersonated, damaged and degraded our rap and exercise culture and we demand an end to all this ridiculousness. IT’S TIME TO GO HOME SANDY!!!!! !” The campaign’s goal is to raise $10,000, but so far it has only received $10 from just two donors. “Put her on the next plane out of New York,” one of the “American Airlines” supporters commented on the now-deleted website.

Many people started commenting on this surprising news on Twitter. One person wrote, “A person without the mind or will of Asian Doll would sadly succumb to all the body shaming, online bullying and harassment. The same ones who laugh, retweet, share and facilitate this madness will be the FIRST to give empty thoughts and prayers😒”, while one person directly wrote: “ASIAN DOLL GO HOME DAMN” Another person said: “tossing a GoFundMe to help Asian Doll get out of New York…meanwhile she just cut an 80,000 chain and picked it up in ATLANTA today oh ok you all freaks fr.. POST THAT ..”

Another person wrote, “If some women don’t know Asian Doll lived in New York for a while during her music career. Whether or not you like what Asian Doll is going on in New York. Can you please let her live. 🙄🤬”, while another said: “Everyone makes fun of the Asian doll, and she is so talented. She’s getting more hate than love / I think she needs to get off the internet for a while and come back revamped / more disciplined 😩” Another wrote, “Why does everyone hate so much Asian doll that she’s not a nun but she’s dumb.” Surprisingly, amidst all the hate, there are still people to support her.

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