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Gloria Estefan Gets Her Own ‘Get on Your Feet’ Inspired Barbie Doll – & We Want One

To celebrate icon Gloria Estefan’s 65th birthday (September 1) and Hispanic Heritage Month, collectible toy company Mattel has launched the Gloria Estefan Barbie Doll.

“The best birthday present ever!” Estefan wrote on social media. “My own mini me!”

Signature Barbie doll is inspired by Estefan’s Cuban heritage and the music video for her 1989 hit song “Get on your feet” from his first solo album Cut in both directions.

“I am honored to partner with Barbie to create a doll in my likeness, especially as I ring in my 65th birthday and just before Hispanic Heritage Month,” Estefan said in a statement. “When designing my Barbie with the team, I wanted to make sure I stayed true to my multicultural roots – and I believe that’s exactly what we did.”

Barbie Gloria Estefan doll features a black jacket with gold detailing, jewel accents and lace-up sleeves. The doll also has a leopard belt and gold waist chain with leopard thigh high boots and gold accessories.

“‘Get on Your Feet’ was chosen for her outfit because Gloria’s look is so iconic and recognizable in the music video,” doll designer Javier Meabe said in a statement. “The jacket and boots are so much fun.”

Along with the release of Estefan’s doll, Barbie is partnering with Artistas y Musicos Latino Americanos (AMLA) and the Esperanza Arts Center (EAC). Barbie helps fund private music lessons for children through AMLA. The company also supports EAC’s Mentor-Fellow program for those interested in careers in arts production and administration.