Art doll

From hype to closure

Finland’s premiere The sex doll brothel opened in 2018. It garnered a bit of hype and attention, but managed to operate for less than a year. Unique Dolls also gained international media coverage, but that wasn’t enough to sustain its existence. This is a sponsored post.

November is commonly known as a dark and rainy month, but in 2018 they wanted to bring a new source of light to Helsinki. It was time to open the first sex doll brothel in Finland and Unique Dolls started welcoming its guest from November 15th.

Media coverage from around the world

The Unique Dolls was a mysterious brothel that opened its doors in Helsinki in 2018. It was located in the Kannelmäki shopping mall, specifically in the basement. The mall is currently known as Kaari and is located in Kannelmäki, approximately 12 kilometers from downtown Helsinki.

The opening of an exciting doll brothel attracted a lot of attention and was mentioned by several national and international news sites. Finnish media also talked about the opening because there was a well-known local reality TV star who played a big role in the beginning. This reality TV star has been in the tabloids for several years since he started his career on well-known television shows.

The concept of Unique Dolls are sex dolls as their name suggests. The sex doll, in Finnish seksinukke, is a synthetic figure that aims to look like an attractive human being. Unique Dolls only offered dolls in female action figures, but obviously there is also a market share for male dolls.

The mission behind the unique dolls

The Unique Dolls wanted to respond to the demand for human proximity and meet certain needs. The crew discovered that people began to have difficulty introducing themselves to other people. Loneliness increases and it can come from different reasons.

Low self-esteem or a poor self-image can make it difficult to approach the opposite sex, but the sexual desire needs remain the same. Unique Dolls saw an opportunity to meet this need by establishing Finland’s first ever doll brothel in Helsinki.

Every adult was welcome at the brothel, but it was for sex-starved heterosexual men. The dolls only looked like women, but the staff were willing to consider offering male options as well. The offer was made according to demand because female dolls have a much larger market than male dolls.

Price and remote location

One hour with a sex doll at Unique Dolls costs 100 euros. The brothel was open Monday through Thursday from 12-12 p.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays it was open until 2 a.m. The owner did not see any problems or problems with people living near the brothel as there were no person living in the actual building where Unique Dolls was located.

There could have been four customers at the same time and the location was placed further from the city center to avoid too much attention. The dolls were cleaned and the whole room was disinfected after the visit. The rules of the brothel stipulated that the client must use a condom offered by the house in case of penetration.

Hygiene was a top priority at Unique Dolls and the cleaning staff made sure the equipment was completely clean after each visit. They also changed the dolls’ clothes and wigs after each use.

The cleanup took more or less an hour and the company hoped it would not affect the viability of the business. Their sincere hope and thought was that many people in Finland could have used such a service.

Doors closed in October 2019

Unfortunately, the history of unique dolls was relatively short. Despite the hype and wishful thinking, the company had to close the following October. This means that it managed to exist for less than a year.

Unique Dolls marketed itself as a place for state-of-the-art sex dolls, but the company didn’t attract enough customers to sustain good business. The costs could not be covered and the place had to be closed.

The famous reality TV star operating behind the scenes said there was no point in leading the show despite learning a lot on the trip. The use of sex dolls still carries a negative stigma today, even though the crew has done their best to market the place internationally as well.

The Unique Dolls closed and things had to be sorted. Some of the dolls were too damaged to need to be thrown away, but there were a few that were for sale online.

Barcelona first in Europe

Unique Dolls was an interesting case in a sense of relative rarity. There aren’t sex doll brothels in every city in Europe, so bringing one to the Finnish capital has sparked interest elsewhere on the continent as well.

One of the most interesting is in Barcelona which opened the first sex doll brothel in all of Europe. For example, Lumi Dolls is located in the heart of Barcelona and aims to deliver the world’s first hyper-realistic sex.

They have strong values ​​in offering services that respect the law 100% and they want to do it in absolute confidentiality. The customer’s experience will only remain between him and the doll. Lumidolls are latex free and only use the finest silicone or TPE to provide pleasure.

It also exists in Italy and Russia, so who knows if Unique Dolls was inspired by how they work. The Russian entrepreneur behind Unique Dolls wanted to remain anonymous. The future will show what there will be to offer in Helsinki but currently you cannot enjoy it in the Finnish capital.