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Fresh and Fit Podcast Hosts Blasted for Abusing Asian Doll and Other Black Women | News

The co-hosts of the Fresh and fit Podcast, Myron wins and Walter weekes, experience a backlash after a verbal altercation with asian doll prompted the Dallas-born rapper to step aside in a recent interview.

Footage of the incident, which has since circulated on social media, shows Gains visibly upset and berating Asian Doll and her friends for having a side conversation during a taping of the show.

The master of ceremonies “Pull Up”, his real name Misharron Jermeisha Allen, quickly called Gains “mean as f ** k,” which seemed to annoy the podcast host even more. A verbal back and forth ensued as Asian Doll remained calm but doubled down on her comments.

At one point, the “No Exposing” artist said, “I can say whatever I want,” to which Gains hit back, “Well, you can take the f ** k off the show.” Although another person, presumably Weekes, tried to defuse the issue, Asian Doll eventually walked away.

However, things turned from bad to worse for the co-hosts after an old video of them surfaced explaining why they chose not to date black women.

“I mean, hey bro, if you want to date a group of Shanequa, go ahead,” Gaines said of the dating app BLK. “Me and fresh [Weekes] don’t really agree with brunettes like that, being night riders. Sometimes if they’re redbone, but I mean, usually me and Fresh aren’t dabbling in the dark, if you know what I mean.

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As for the resurfaced clip, Gains called what he considers the double standard when it comes to women’s dating preferences, saying, “Nobody blinks when women say they want one. six foot tall man, who earns some money, blah blah blah. These are considered preferences. But if I say ‘Hey man I don’t date black girls like that’ then it’s like ‘Oh my God how dare you?’ The host said.

“My mom is black, my sister is black, like my brother, we just have one preference,” Weekes added.

Gains later speculated that if he hated black women, why would he keep bringing black women to his show? When a black woman on the panel tried to intervene, he brutally shut her up and said, “Let me finish. “

While the podcast has been described as the number one show for men to learn more about women, finances, fitness, and more, many are now calling for its removal.

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