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Forget Death – ‘Russian Doll’ Breaks Time in Netflix Hit’s Second Season Full Trailer

Let’s make choices: this month, after three years of waiting, you can choose to immerse yourself in the world of Netflix groundhog day-meets-The right place hit Russian doll. Or, you can decide not to be an adorable birthday baby and do something else. We recommend the former, because spending time getting up, going to bed, and getting home before morning comes with the smart, curvy show starring Natasha Lyonne is always a good decision, even when she’s actively trying to make melt your brain – which, as anyone who watched Season 1 knows, always is.

In Russian dollfirst batch of episodes, Orange is the new black, Irresistible and USA vs. Billie Holiday Star Lyonne played Nadia, who had a 36th birthday she would never forget – even though she desperately wished she could. The New Yorker kept attending a party in her honor, then dying, then repeating the experience while trying to figure out what was going on. Also trapped in a loop: the determined but neurotic Alan (Charlie Barnett, You), who lives around the corner from Nadia, and was a stranger to this day, continued to cycle again and again.

When the show returns on Wednesday, April 20, Nadia is once again experiencing something wild. Now, however, she is a time traveler prisoner time, as she advises in the full trailer that just dropped for Russian doll season two. “The unexplainable things that happen are my whole modus operandi,” she also notes – and based on that insight, there’s a lot that happens to her.

Alan is also caught up in the chaos again, with both characters literally jumping into their pasts, and into a cross-generational tale as a result. As a result, if you’ve ever wondered what happens when someone manages to beat death, getting thrown into the past to try and solve your family’s unfinished business, it does – at least in this series.

Also back: Nadia’s closest friends, Maxine and Lizzy (sisters‘Greta Lee and Werewolves inside(Rebecca Henderson), her godmother Ruthie (Elizabeth Ashley, Ocean 8), his late mother Nora (Chloë Sevigny, The Plainview Girl) and her adorable stray cat Oatmeal. Schitt’s Creek and Kevin can fuck himself Annie Murphy and District 9Joining the cast is Sharlto Copley — and co-creator Lyonne (alongside the one and only Amy Poehler, plus Bachelorette and Sleep with other people filmmaker Leslye Headland) co-writes as she did last season and also directs.

Given its focus on fate, logic, life’s loops and wading through limbo – and, this time, the ties that bind and the issues that resonate equally – Russian doll is not short of twists. From the new trailer and first look at March, the New York City subway system, a stash of gold lost twice on a train, cemeteries, and outdoor parties are all factored in.

And yes, the chain-smoking Nadia is still as acerbic and misanthropic as ever, of course — because dying repeatedly and riding the rails of history can’t change that.

Check out the full trailer for Russian dollthe second season below:

The second season of Russian Doll will be available to stream via Netflix on Wednesday, April 20. Read our review of the first season.

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Sarah Ward