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Fashion icon Vera Wang now has her very own Barbie doll

Mattel, the company that makes famous Barbie dolls, has honored fashion legend Vera Wang with a special doll in her likeness as part of its Tribute collection.

The collection aims to pay tribute to “those who have shaped culture through their contributions”.

The Vera Wang Barbie doll is also part of the company’s celebration of “Asian American and Pacific Islander women and role models to inspire a more inclusive world for the next generation.”

Here’s everything you need to know about the Vera Wang Barbie doll

Celebrating Wang’s Legacy

Image credit: Mattel Creations

Mattel shared a photo of the doll on the official Barbie Instagram account.

The caption reads: “Born to Chinese immigrants, Vera Wang’s talent and work ethic quickly allowed her to gain experience alongside the biggest names in fashion, before creating her own bridal boutique.”

“Now at the helm of a fashion and lifestyle empire, Wang has cemented her place as a beacon of creativity, with a lasting impact on fashion for generations to come,” the post continues.

The post was also posted on Wang’s own Instagram account.

Created to look exactly like her, the doll features many of Wang’s key features, including her straight, long black hair. Slipping on a black romper under a puff sleeve chiffon dress, Vera Wang Barbie doll completes the ensemble with a pair of platform heels. The word “LOVE” in white appears near the hem of the dress.

Wang’s reaction

In a separate post, Wang thanked Mattel for the “insane honor.”

“THANK YOU MATTEL. It’s such a crazy honor, and I’m so proud to be part of this TRIBUTE series to the women I admire so much! she wrote in the caption while sharing the photos of her doll avatar .

According to ABC NewsWang released a statement, saying she couldn’t have imagined having her own resemblance to Barbie.

“Barbie is the ultimate icon, and she represents all of us, and over the decades she has continued to evolve, with each shift in the standard of women while reflecting huge changes in our society, if not the world. To this day, it remains both relevant and integral to our culture, our dreams and our lives,” she said in the statement.

The Vera Wang Barbie doll is available for sale on Mattel’s official website for 40 USD. Barbie’s Tribute Collection has previously featured figures of Queen Elizabeth II and Lucille Ball.

(Main image: Vera Wang/@verawang/Instagram; Mattel Creations; Featured Image: Mattle Creations)