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Dolls Brand: Famous brand of dim sum and frozen instant noodles from HK now in Singapore, get flavors like Spicy Beef and Wonton Shrimp

Doll Brand dim sum and instant noodles

There are times when a brand becomes so famous that it becomes the go-to name for a type of product. Thanks to four decades of popularity in Hong Kong, instant noodles have come to be known as “gong zai mian”, the Cantonese name for doll brand noodles.

Doll Brand’s iconic frozen noodles and dim sum have arrived in Singapore, thanks to food retailer Seawaves. You can now buy these products at FairPrice supermarkets across the country.


You can choose from six flavors of instant noodles. Outside the norm Chickenthe flavors of the soup are Shrimp wontons, Sesame oiland Spicy beefwhile dry versions include Thai Spicy Lobster and one without soup Spicy beef.


For a truly HK experience, try the Shrimp wontons flavor. Even without the frozen shrimp wonton, which comes separately, you can still detect hints of shrimp in the light and flavorful broth. The noodles are also significantly more springy than your average instant noodles.


With its spicy touch and satisfying beef taste, the Dry spiced beef flavor is certainly an appetizing dish. We felt the mouth-watering sauce made the most of the QQ noodles.

Doll Brand also has a good range of dim sum. There are dumpling dishes such as sticky rice dumpling, fun guo and shao mai, as well as shrimp and vegetarian fun chee cheong. The preparation is simple: you can simply put the dim sum in the microwave or steam it the old fashioned way.


One of the stars is the Shrimp rice roll. The chee cheong fun had a silky texture and the shrimp inside was meaty enough. The soy sauce, which we drizzled over the rice rolls, added just the right amount of umami to the dish.

doll-brand-veg-rollImage credit: Waves

For a meatless option, there is the Vegetarian rice rollwhich offers the same sweet mouthfeel and salty taste as the previous dish, but with ingredients such as water chestnut, bamboo shoot and Chinese mushroom instead of shrimp.


the Seafood Shao Mai are also a decent option. Although they taste great in the microwave, shao mai can be significantly improved by steaming – they will become bigger and much juicier.


After trying Doll Brand’s products, it became clear why they are so popular in Hong Kong. The foods are quick and easy to prepare, so you can recreate a HK cha chaan teng experience at home in a jiffy!

Doll Brand frozen instant noodles and dim sum are available at all FairPrice supermarkets.

Photos taken by Zadelin Wong.
This message was brought to you by Seawaves.

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