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Doll Spirit Vessel releases its first album; watch the video of the first single “Train Brain Rot”

Songwriter Kati Malison enlisted his longtime friend and collaborator Lewis Brown and another close friend, Max Holbrookto record their first album as Doll Spirit Vessel, What’s left, which is due out August 12 via Disposable America. “During the three years that I wrote the songs on What’s left, I was constantly thinking about memory,” says Malison. “How to conceive of the past without it, how to preserve the present in its place. Sometimes I wrote directly about my relationship to memory, but even when I wrote about other things, I always looked at the world from this place. It colored everything.”

We are preparing the video for the first single “Train Brain Rot”, directed by Malison and Jon Cox. It’s a gripping, catchy piece of indie rock, and of it, Malison says, “‘Train Brain Rot’ is about the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, and how little they serve us at times. I think I wrote it to help me let go of beliefs and ideas that once seemed pretty central to my identity.The concept for the video came out of quarantine with my friend Jon Cox (Mother Moses, Sadurn) when we both had covid (I gave it to him on his birthday) I wanted him to visually convey in some way the chaos and contradiction of inner life, which is what it is. it’s like being inside your own mind, having to listen to all the thoughts on a loop. It was a ton of planning, we even did a tour of all the colleges in the area to find the trail perfect that would be dark enough for the spotlights to look really austere in a background. We shot the whole thing in two nights, for the first we drove Jon’s van down a track behind a random middle school and shot long takes of me running while my friends staged the hurdle them and threw stuff at me – it was very off-the-cuff and off-the-cuff.” Watch it below.

Doll Spirit Vessel – What’s Left

1. A need
2. All the right things in the right order
3. Solar Death
4. Routine
5. Count
6. Small mass
7. Something small
8. Train brain rot
9. Mirrors
10. What’s Left
11. A Light