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Doll Spirit Vessel Freeze Childhood Mementos in their “What Stays” visual

For Doll Spirit Vessel‘s Kati Malison, time is a slippery thing. The present moment is always fading, turning around, melting away. It’s tempting to ignore this constant state of loss, but on “What Stays,” the intimate, slow-paced title track from the indie rock trio’s debut album, Malison chooses to confront it head-on.

“You wake up on a Tuesday and you can’t remember waking up last Tuesday, or even yesterday,” she shares. “You can barely focus on the streaks of a dream you’ve just woken up from. We all lose the present moment because it instantly, eternally and endlessly disappears. We all forget and we all remember things differently than this what they really were. Worse still, even if our own memories are distorted, we are infinitely less able to inhabit the experiences of others, past and present. “What Stays” is one of the last songs I wrote for this album. It makes me mourn my own life as it passes, and the lives of the people I love, who I can never get close enough to know.”

The accompanying visual shows Malison and his bandmates Max Holbrook and Lewis Brown trying to freeze time, both literally and figuratively. “The visuals for this album and the ‘What Stays’ music video revolve around sculptures of objects frozen in transparent ice,” says Malison. “Most of the objects I have collected [were] from my childhood home and my mother’s garden, but my friends also gave me trinkets from their own past to freeze. Shooting the ice requires you to work fast, trust your instincts, and accept whatever you can get before it melts.

You can check out the ice cream production below and pre-order What’s left—out August 12 via Disposable America—here.