Art doll

DOLL SHARK (2022) Mark Polonia’s next film about shark exploitation

shark doll is an upcoming American monster movie about the titular toy who becomes possessed by an evil great white shark.

Written and directed by micro-budget filmmaker Mark Polonia (Sharkula; Murder at Camp; Encounters with sharks of the third type; Back to the splash farm; Werewolf Bride; camp blood ghost; Bigfoot vs Zombies; Feeders; much, much more) and his son Anthony Polonia (ZillaFoot). Produced by Ron Bonk, owner of SRS Cinema (director of domestic shark).

The film is partially crowdfunded on Indiegogo, which started with a low target of just $1,000 just to get the project off the ground – Ron Bonk said, “By setting a low target, we hope to get funded early and get the movie trending. !”

An ambitious goal of $2,500 has been exceeded, so filmmaker and SFX artist Brett Piper is now involved in shark doll.

An ambitious new goal of $5,000 has been set and almost reached with nineteen days remaining. That now means filmmaker Bobby Canipe will visit the set to record interviews and more for a behind-the-scenes featurette for the release.


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