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Doll Man Hits Big Moment on Feature Comics #30, Up for Auction


Doll Man was the creation of Will Eisner and his early adventures were drawn by Eisner and fellow legendary artist Lou Fine. The shrinking comic book character debuted in Featured Comics #27. Considered the first super-powered character in Quality Comics, it would seem that the publisher of Quality Comics Arnold busy quickly understood that he had a successful concept in his hands. doll man Featured Comics #27 its debut had it essentially as the third string of this issue, behind the reprints of the Sunday pages mickey finn and Nippieand without any sign of him on the cover. Featured Comics #28 gave it a small inset cover portrait but completely buried it in the middle of the issue. Featured Comics #29 then moved it to the start of the comic, the issue’s coveted first feature. And finally, Doll Man hit the big time with Feature Comics #30 with its first full, continuing coverage as the title’s main feature. The character will remain a popular cover in Featured Comics apart from remaining the main feature of the title until issue #139. He would also get his own Male Doll title 1941-1953 and being acquired by DC Comics along with other Quality Comics characters when Quality went out of business in 1956. Doll Man eventually resurfaced at DC Comics along with other Quality characters in Justice League of America #107 (October 1973). But Featured Comics #30 with his Lou Fine cover was arguably his first moment in the spotlight, and there’s a Featured Comics #30 (Quality, 1940) Condition: GD and many other early Featured Comics with Doll Man up for auction at the Sunday & Monday Selective Comics Auction August 21-22, 2022 #122234 at Heritage Auctions.

Feature Comics #30 (Quality, 1940)

Feature Comics #28 (Quality, 1940) Condition: GD. Second Doll Man appearance. Will Eisner, Rube Goldberg and Ham Fisher art. Spine split, tape repair on spine, cover detached. Overstreet 2022 GD 2.0 value = $252.

Feature Comics #29 (Quality, 1940) Condition: GD/VG. Clock cover. Third appearance of Doll-Man. Will Eisner, Rube Goldberg, Bob Powell and Ham Fisher. Tape repairs to cover and center fold, spine roll. Overstreet 2022 GD 2.0 value = $132; Value VG 4.0 = $264.

Feature Comics #30 (Quality, 1940) Condition: GD. Cover of Doll Man by Lou Fine. Will Eisner and Bob Powell draw. Back split, back tape repair, water damage. Overstreet 2022 GD 2.0 value = $226.

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