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Dad shocked to find daughter’s doll wearing fishnet pantyhose


A father was baffled and concerned about the outfits worn by his daughter’s dolls.

Speaking to TikTok, Patrick Johnson began his video by showing off Princess Tiana and Princess Anna dolls, both of whom were sporting the kind of ‘cute’ and ‘wholesome’ Disney princess outfits you’d expect from a little girl toy.

But then, warning viewers to “be careful what you expose your kids to”, Patrick then revealed the LOL surprise! dolls that her daughter had asked for.

You can check it below:

Patrick, who confessed “I can’t believe I bought this for my daughter”, held up one of the LOL Surprise! dolls, who could be seen wearing a fishnet bodysuit, crop top and hot pants.

The alarmed dad quickly realized this wasn’t just a one-off for the popular doll range, revealing yet another scantily clad LOL Surprise! doll, this time dressed in lace fishnet tights.

Assuming the dolls might just not have their clothes on, Patrick first asked his little girl to fetch their outfits. However, he quickly learned that any additional clothing was a tiny silver bodysuit.

Patrick’s outrage grew after taking a look at what the baby versions of LOL Surprise are! the dolls look alike. Although they appear to represent tiny babies, these dolls also – oddly – wear fishnet tights and crop tops.

LOL Dolls (official.patrick.johnson/TikTok)official.patrick.johnson/TikTok
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Those in the comments section were equally shocked, with one person remarking, “This is what I wear to work…I work at a strip club.”

Less concerned with clothing and more concerned with the unrealistic bodily expectations of these dolls.

Since his daughter “loves” these dolls, Patrick is hesitant to take them away from her, but revealed he would buy “more appropriate” clothes for them.