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Creepy doll left on bench in Keller becomes selfie spot

City officials call the doll “Vicki M.” and said she had arrived around 9:00 p.m. the day before by a “gang of playful teenage girls”.

KELER, Texas— This story has been updated with new details from the people who placed the doll on the bench.

A creepy doll that mysteriously showed up on a bench at a North Texas town hall has suddenly become a hot spot for visitors.

The Keller Town Government Facebook page posted a message on Thursday, showing a “creepy Victorian murder doll” sitting on a bench at Keller Town Hall that someone left near the town landmark .

City officials call the doll “Vicki M.” and said she had arrived around 9:00 p.m. the day before by a “gang of playful teenage girls”.

The city posted images of the doll on Facebook and Twitter, showing the pale-skinned doll with her blackened eyes and blue dress.

So noooooormally we would bring lost and found items inside the building, but uh….yeah. If you miss your Creepy…

Posted by Keller City Government on Thursday, February 10, 2022

On Friday afternoon, a North Texas mother told the WFAA that it was her daughter, Lucy, and her two friends who left the doll at City Hall.

The doll was left in one of the girls’ homes by one of their older sisters’ friends, the mother said.

Neither parent wanted to keep it, so the girls decided to leave it in the town square as a prank on their way home from a church youth group.

The mother said she was surprised by Keller’s response and how quickly it started going viral online.

The city’s social media team had some fun with the situation, as the Facebook post said in part: “So noooooormally we wouldn’t think about it, but we saw The Craft. And Annabelle . And Child’s Play. So….yes. We’ll be bringing in reinforcements from Keller Public Safety on this one.”

As of Friday morning, since the Facebook post was posted, it had nearly 10,000 likes, 4,000 comments and 16,000 shares.

One trend that has started, however, is people from Keller showing up on the bench to take selfies with the creepy doll.

Then, to add a twist to the situation, the City of Keller tweeted late Thursday nightshowing the doll now replaced by a real woman dressed like the doll.

The Tweet read, “We don’t know if we should be impressed or terrified. So our Creepy Victorian Murder Doll disappeared from her pew early tonight, and a life-size version has obviously replaced her!”

The three girls’ hope was initially to sell the doll to raise money for their church group, but someone recently took the doll, the mother said.