Rag doll

Cop ‘thrown like a rag doll’ after catching dangerous Bolton driver

BANNED driver dumped cop ‘like a rag doll’ after being caught following a chase.

Jack McGrail, who was already banned from driving, tried to flee after he abandoned a VW Jetta in Hawthorne Road, Bolton during a car chase through Bolton on April 3.

Craig MacGregor, prosecuting, told Bolton Crown Court how PC Rawlinson-White, who was alone, chased McGrail on foot down Wigan Road.

“He grabbed Mr McGrail and yelled at him to get on the ground, but was overpowered and knocked to the ground himself,” Mr MacGregor said.

“The accused jumped on the officer, pinning him to the ground.”

PC Rawlinson-White, whose radio was broken in the fight, used his CS gas spray on his attacker but McGrail didn’t give up.

“The policeman tried to physically restrain him once more but, again, he was ejected and thrown to the ground.”

Eventually the spray took effect and McGrail, of Kendrew Road, Bolton, was arrested.

The court heard how the officer spent a week with his left leg in a cast with suspected fracture and was diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament. He is currently bound to the office as a result.

In a victim impact statement, the officer described how he was “thrown around like a rag doll before being forcefully pinned to the ground”.

The court heard the chase began when police became suspicious of a VW Jetta and tried to stop it.

Instead, during a three-minute chase through the streets of Bolton, McGrail drove up to 80mph and on the wrong side of the road, forcing other vehicles to swerve and drive through a red light towards oncoming traffic.

The chase ended on Hawthorne Road when his path was blocked by a taxi and McGrail and two other men jumped out of the vehicle, leaving him rolling into parked cars, damaging them.

When caught, McGrail had 14 bags of cocaine and 14 of heroin. The court heard he would likely face other drug-related charges.

McGrail pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving while prohibited and not having insurance.

At the time, he was facing a suspended prison sentence for dangerous driving, but the court heard he had not signed up to the probation service or done much of his work unpaid.

Niamh McGinty, defending, said that at the time of the offenses McGrail was a drug addict and had a chaotic lifestyle.

“He knew he was disqualified and had drugs in the car, so he freaked out,” she said.

“He is horrified that his actions led to such an injury. He certainly had his work cut out for him.

Judge Tom Gilbart remanded McGrail into custody and will sentence him on Thursday.