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Composer Joe Wong Releases New ‘Russian Doll’ Line Covering Main Themes From Both Seasons

EXCLUSIVE: Deadline has an exclusive track recorded for Netflix Russian dollwhich is set to be released digitally on a seasons 1 and 2 soundtrack tomorrow via Gardener Recordings, as the show returns for its second season.

In its first season, debuting in 2019, Russian doll introduced viewers to a woman named Nadia (Natasha Lyonne), who is caught in a time loop as the guest of honor at a seemingly unmissable party, one night in New York City. She dies repeatedly and always starts again at the same time at the party, as she tries to figure out what is happening to her.

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Season 2 takes place four years after Nadia and her looping human companion Alan (Charlie Barnett) discover a time portal that sends them both to an era adventure through the past. Now, once again, the two must together search for a way out of the loop. Wong’s latest soundtrack features dreamlike highlights from the show’s first season, as well as hints from the second, taking the listener on a journey through life, death, space and time.

Lyonne, who co-created the series with Leslye Headland and Amy Poehler, says that in many ways she thinks of Russian doll “like a musical, the score serving to connect and guide us through the roller coaster of Nadia’s puzzle box adventure.”

With the new season, the co-creators wanted to use Season 1’s “investigative beats” as “a jumping-off point to an ever-denser, psychedelic landing.”

“The score at Russian doll is constructed much like the eponymous nesting doll,” Wong notes. “I have developed a series of leitmotifs that can work alone or nested within each other, resulting in fugue-like cues.”

This season, continues the composer, Russian dollThe characters travel to historic Hungary, as well as 1980s New York. he. “This episode [on which the new track features]– the season finale – contains a mix of all the main themes from both seasons, imagined through this sonic lens.

Lyonne says in closing that it’s been “a joy” working with Wong over the show’s first two seasons. “He’s like a one-man Jughead band,” she jokes. “My only hope is that one day I can see him working with a full orchestra as we bring our next joint project to life.”

Wong’s projects as a composer range from Emmy winners Russian doll and master of nothingto the critically acclaimed anime series The Midnight Gospelhit the YA movie series To all the boys I’ve loved beforenetwork favorites, including Kenan (NBC) and The big jump (Fox), and meticulously bizarre foreign dishes like Chad (TBS) and Super Jail! (adult swimming). Between these extremes, he has composed Sundance-winning narrative features and award-winning documentaries, including The swimming pool, Independent lens and 6 days to broadcast. Wong’s acclaimed debut solo album, the psychedelic, orchestral nocturnal creatureswas released by Decca/Universal in 2020.

Gardener Recordings is a boutique label services company founded in 2021 by Kevin Kertes and Chris Davies, which partners with artists and production companies to bring their musical works to market. His first release was a DJ Flula EP titled Supervillianwith music inspired by the film The Suicide Squad. Since then, Gardener has released Fil Eisler albums (The desperate hour), Phil Mossman (Funny head) and Nate Heller (Sophie Jones), and the score at The art of waiting by Frank Ilfman. Other scores on the label include bawl, Cowboys and wild indian.

Listen to Wong Russian doll track, “Analog Doll”, by clicking above.

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