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‘Come to Mama’ – Joanne McNally obsessed with creepy doll in Barcelona market

Joanne McNally has shared several photos from her vacation in Barcelona, ​​including a bizarre doll at a street market.

Joanne is the latest Irish celebrity to visit the Spanish city this summer and has shared several photos and videos from her lavish holiday.

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One video she posted was of a Spanish market, where she filmed a porcelain doll that wouldn’t look out of place in a horror movie. She captioned the video “come to mum you crazy”, showing that she was clearly in love with the doll.

Joanne shared a photo of a creepy doll in a Barcelona market, joking that she had to make it her own. Photo: Joanne McNally/Instagram

After posting a photo of herself sipping a cocktail in the Barcelona neighborhood, Joanne said she went back to the market to try and buy the Chucky-looking doll, but had some received an exorbitant price.

‘I went back to save her [the doll] from the market and your man was trying to charge me €80… EIGHTY EUROS!!!!!’ Joanne wrote. “It’s gonna cost me six grand to get his fucking hair fixed!!!”

Joanne posted a second video from her vacation of her sunbathing in a pink swimsuit, where she said she had a bottle of champagne for breakfast.

Joanne McNally Barcelona Doll

Joanne ended up returning to the market to ‘rescue’ the horror movie-like doll, only to be charged €80. Photo: Joanne McNally

“I’m having a bottle of champagne for breakfast because…I deserve it,” Joanne joked. “No shame, no guilt, no regrets.”

Joanne is the second Irish celebrity in days to reveal she has left for Barcelona. 2FM’s Jennifer Zamparelli documented her trip to the city with photos of her and her friends in her rented apartment.

Joanne McNallyBarcelona

Joanne shared another video this morning of her drinking a bottle of champagne for breakfast ‘because I deserve it’. Photo: Joanne McNally/Instagram

Jennifer also shared photos and videos from Weekend 1 at Primavera Sound – a festival that some attendees have criticized for dangerous overcrowding and a lack of facilities including just two water stations.