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City Girls & Kash Doll React To ’50 Best Female Rappers’ List

These women are not happy with their placement on this list.

Female rappers have come a long way in the male-dominated industry. From old school rappers like Foxy Brown and Salt-N-Pepa to new age artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Mulatto, women have managed to make a name for themselves in the world of hip-hop.

Although they’ve accomplished a lot, they still need to work harder to be taken seriously as artists and maintain their relevance. Nevertheless, exercising the same profession as the others is accompanied by a constant comparison. Female rappers are compared to each other in almost every aspect – their lyricism, the way they dress, their body structure, etc.

Earlier this week, 50/50 entertainment generated a list of their 50 greatest female rappers of all time and sparked a conversation. Their top five artists in order were Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah, and Lauryn Hill.

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With nearly 6,000 retweets on their list post, thousands of fans joined in the debate. Among those who voiced their opinions were female artists themselves.

JT, one half of City Girls, saw that she and her co-partner, Yung Miami, weren’t included at all. She tweeted, “Where are the girls in town? Guess we’re singing! They could have at least put us #50.”

Kash Doll, whose real name is Arkeisha Knight, was listed as number 43. Unhappy with her placement, she quoted the post and said, “Hilarious.” She also retweeted messages from her fans who are on her side. One fan wrote, “How is Kash Doll not in the top 15,” another added, “[Kash Doll] to be so low on the list makes me tremble right now.”

Check out the full list below. What do you think of the internships? Sound off in the comments.