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Bratz and Cult Gaia Team Up for Designer Doll Collection – See Photos

Bratz is officially celebrating 21 years of “it” girl status, and they’re giving it their all for the occasion. To celebrate this milestone, Bratz and MGA Entertainment are teaming up with fashion brand Cult Gaia to launch their first-ever designer doll collaboration.

Since its debut in 2001, Bratz dolls have taken the global toy and fashion industries by storm with their ongoing commitment to self-expression and, of course, their passion for fashion. Today, the brand is more popular than ever, especially now that Y2K fashion seems to be here to stay. Launching October 20, the Bratz x Cult Gaia designer dolls will feature two Bratz characters, Cloe and Yasmin, adorned with stunning pieces that fans will recognize as staples from their favorite Cult Gaia collections.

Bratz x Cult Gaia Special Edition Designer Cloe

Bratz x Cult Gaia Special Edition Designer Yasmin

Why Cult Gaia, you might ask? Well, not only because the clothes and the dolls are an aesthetically heavenly marriage, but also because the two brands share a deeper connection.

Twenty-one years ago, when Jasmin Larian was just 12 years old, her father, Isaac Larian, founder and CEO of MGA Entertainment, asked for her help in creating the first concepts for Bratz dolls. Today, as the founder and CEO of Cult Gaia, Jasmin credits much of her creative influence to the time she spent designing miniature collections for dolls. (While Jasmin now focuses on the fashion brand, she remains close to Bratz today as creative director of the doll line.)

“Bratz x Cult Gaia dolls are a historic celebration of the origin of both brands, our intrinsic and often unspoken bond, our loyal communities, and all the exciting things yet to come,” Isaac Larian said in a statement. Press. “The Bratz dolls and brand are so special to me, and finding the happy medium somewhere between the natural aesthetic of Cult Gaia and the glitzy glam of Bratz feels like a full circle moment.”

Here’s what you need to know about the two new limited-edition Bratz dolls. Cloe doll wears Cult Gaia-inspired items and accessories, including the Parvana top, fashionable Wynn cargo pants, Remi Platform shoes, and Anna and Blanda bracelets. Plus, Cloe comes with a second style, including the Joey Feather Top, cult-favorite Hera shoulder bag, and Bloom earrings.

Yasmin doll, who goes by the name Jasmin, wears the Mala structural top, Alma shorts and Irma tote bag. For her second outfit, she dons a Dari dress, Hera sunglasses, Remi Platform shoes and the original Ark bag.

As a Bratz doll antique dealer myself, I prepare my pieces for purchases. The limited-edition designer dolls will be available at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and retailers in major markets around the world. To coincide with the launch, the brand will also celebrate its 21st anniversary this week with a party hosted by Cult Gaia and Stassie Karanikolaou.

Beyond the Cult Gaia collaboration, Bratz recently launched several other brand partnerships, including one with Glamnetic, one of the world’s fastest growing beauty brands specializing in magnetic lashes, liners and eyelashes. pressure nails. Glamnetic has released false eyelashes and pressed nails inspired by the unique styles of each of the four main Bratz characters, which are available online at