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Bloodborne Fan Shows Off Awesome Ordinary Doll Card Artwork

A Bloodborne fan shows off an incredible piece of art featuring the game’s Plain Doll character beautifully rendered in card form.

Official Artwork of Bloodborne Hunter

Sometimes the best artwork for a game can come from the fans. While developers will release incredible official artwork for their games, many fans go above and beyond to create pieces that are equally impressive. A transmitted by blood fan did just that, creating an awesome piece for the game’s Plain Doll.

The Plain Doll is an NPC found in transmitted by blood and functions as the primary way to level up in the game. The character can be found in the Hunter’s Dream, the main hub where players can trade and level up. A player recently created a piece of transmitted by blood fan art for the Plain Doll, drawing a special card for the character.


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A Redditor by the handle feruasart drew the Plain Doll as a map. The design shows the Plain Doll’s soft features with a sad, somber expression on her face. It is an impressive piece, capturing the darker atmosphere of transmitted by blood while keeping a certain beauty in the character.

In the map, transmitted by bloodit’s Plain Doll is surrounded by red flowers, which match the dark color scheme used. Feruasart also drew an impressive eclipsed moon in the background, which frames the Plain Doll perfectly. The artist states that they really like the character, and it shows through the beauty they have imposed on him in their drawing.

The Plain Doll’s card art is getting a lot of positive attention. A few commented that they liked the colors used by feruasart in the piece, with one commenter stating that the coloring was “impeccable”. One fan said he would hang the artwork on his office wall, while others praised the artist for the details they added to the art. There was also a request for feruasart to draw Melina from FromSoftware’s latest title, to which the artist replied that they were planning to create fan art based on Ring of Elden.

The Plain Doll art created by feruasart is timely. the transmitted by blood The community is currently celebrating the annual Return to Yharnam event, urging fans to help celebrate the game’s seventh anniversary. While there are no major rules for the event, the goal is for players to create a new character and engage with the community through PvP and cooperative multiplayer. Although there is still no word on whether a remastered version or a sequel for transmitted by blood is in the works, gamers can join this event to help celebrate what is certainly one of FromSoftware’s most ambitious titles.

transmitted by blood is now available for PS4.

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