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Belinda with full red lips looks like a doll – CVBJ

Belinda with black hat shows her porcelain face | Instagram

Belinda stood out as one of the prettiest singers in the middle of the show and she recently showed it off in an Instagram story in which she appears with a hat and red lips that highlight her porcelain face.

the a singer, Belinda, was recently featured in an Instagram story in which she is shown wearing a black hat that accompanied her in a few videos on her Instagram account.

Belinda, who barely appeared on the cover of “Her World” in which she appears in a country look, was recently featured with flawless makeup that highlights her blue eyes and silky skin with vibrant red lips.

It is that more beautiful is impossible, @belindapop, we read in a caption which accompanies the publication shared by Alfonso Whaitsman.

Through two videos we appreciate that the “Christian Nodal’s fiancée“, she throws several flirtatious looks, hoping to be taken from her best angle

We must not forget that the “naturalized mexican“, Has been the face of several editorial publications, editions such as Glamor, Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, CARAS and recently Who, are some of those who have collaborated with the interpreter of” Sapito “to more than an occasion.

The “Christian Nodal’s fiancée“He appears in two videos from some of the latest photoshoots he’s had recently which were posted by the celebrity stylist.

Likewise, almost at the bottom of the capture, we can see the tags of @whaitsman and @prensadanna, the latter of which refers to the Netflix actress’ PR office.

In one of the moments of the session, the interpreter of “Welcome to eden“The one who made his acting debut at ten in productions like” Amigos x Siempre “(2000),” Aventuras en el tiempo “(2001),” Complices à la rescousse “(2002), among others, carries a very beautiful face and without flaws.

Along with this, another video also featured from their stories where the “composer“It would surely leave many of his supporters speechless and whether it was from his official account or another page, the”former judge of La Voz“Always steals all sighs.”

Belinda Peregrín Schüll, knows how to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to her and it is in the midst of a new scandal that surrounds the one born in Madrid on August 15, 1992,

The “businesswoman“She countered the various controversies that surround her now over a supposed” pregnancy “as revealed by a source supposedly close, the” pianist “and” director of music videos “shared a series of stories in which she even shared some of her hobbies.