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Barbie releases a David Bowie ‘Life on Mars?’ Doll

David Bowie originally released the song “Life on Mars?” in 1971 on the album Hunky-dory. “Life on Mars?” was then released as a single in 1973. The music video for “Life on Mars?” is one of Bowie’s most iconic, and now there’s a Barbie doll based on Bowie’s look from the music video.

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Barbie has released a doll honoring the look of David Bowie in “Life on Mars?” Musical clip

On June 29, Mattel, the company that oversees Barbie products, announced the release of a new Bowie-inspired doll.

On Twitterthe official Barbie account wrote: “Barbie pays homage to the ultimate pop chameleon with a tribute to @DavidBowieReal and his impact on music, art, fashion and film. #Barbie as Bowie wears a replica of the powder blue costume from her “Life On Mars?” music video and hairstyle inspired by her 70s glam era.”

The doll is not meant to be Bowie, but rather Barbie dressed in a way that replicates the look of the rock star in “Life on Mars?” Musical clip.

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, Head of Design Linda Kyaw-Merschon released a statement about the doll, saying:

“Mattel wanted to make sure he looked like Barbie, but as Bowie… Not Bowie exactly like himself. We tried to emulate his essence as much as possible. sure to capture this as best we can. Balance is key. Tricky, but I think you’ll understand what I mean when you see the doll in real life.

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This is the second David Bowie-inspired Barbie doll

The new “Life on Mars?” Barbie doll is the second Bowie-inspired Barbie doll. In June 2019, Mattel released a limited-edition Barbie inspired by Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust Spacesuit.

Mattel’s new Bowie-inspired Barbie doll is currently sold out, but Bowie fans can find more information about the doll on the official Mattel Creations website.

According to the Mattel Creations website:

“Barbie presents a second collectible doll honoring pop’s ultimate chameleon, David Bowie, who continues to be recognized as a cultural vanguard. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of his album, Hunky-dory, this Barbie doll is wearing an authentic replica of the custom-made powder blue suit Bowie wore in “Life on Mars?” music video, with a metallic printed pinstripe shirt, trendy tie and platform shoes. Her bold blue eyeshadow and a hairstyle inspired by Bowie’s 70s glam era bring this look to life.

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David Bowie released “Life on Mars?” as a single in 1973

“Life on Mars?” is considered one of Bowie’s most popular hits. The music video for “Life on Mars?” was released to promote the single in 1973.

In the clip, Bowie wears a turquoise suit with his face painted in white makeup and blue eyeshadow. Throughout the entirety of “Life on Mars?” music video, Bowie sings the song against a white background, making his now iconic look more pronounced.

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