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Barbie Extra Doll #9 & Barbie Cutie Reveal Doll Review – Fantastic Plastic

Having two young girls running around our house means I’m very familiar with Barbie dolls of all shapes and sizes. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been told, “Dad, we need to get that new Barbie doll!” Imagine my girls’ absolute delight when they were sent two new Barbie dolls to review, Barbie Extra doll and a Barbie Cutie Reveal doll.

So, did these dolls exceed the high standards of a 6 and 11 year old or are these dolls better left on store shelves?

The first doll my daughters quickly pulled out of the box was the Barbie Extra doll (number 9 in the series). As with most toys from Mattel, the Barbie was well packaged. The only problem is that all the little plastic ties that connect the doll to its molded plastic packaging proved a challenge for my daughters, and dad had to step in with a pair of scissors. Other than that, all the little accessories were neatly presented in the package for little eyes to inspect.

Now it’s no surprise that dolls with pets outsell dolls without and, being a brand new doll, our newly unboxed Barbie came with a little pet alligator. In terms of theme, it doesn’t make much sense, but that didn’t stop my girls from loving the little guy.

In addition to the alligator, the Barbie Extra doll came with a few accessories, including star-shaped glasses, a piano purse, a pacifier for Mr. Alligator (as he was quickly nicknamed by my daughters) and, finally, five hair clips neatly attached to Barbie’s hair. As expected, the accessories are all very detailed.

As for the Barbie herself, she comes with a brightly colored rainbow dress emblazoned with the words “shine like the stars.” It was actually this brightly colored dress that caught my daughter’s attention to the doll in the first place.

Along with the dress, she has funky white boots and a ruffled blue jacket, which my girls quickly took off so they could see more of the brightly colored dress underneath. My daughters told me that one of the most important parts of a Barbie is her hair, and this doll impressed them with her stylish haircut (long hair parted on one side and shaved on the other) . It’s a great style and matches the funky theme of the doll.

Something that impressed me and my daughters was the fact that the doll had a surprising amount of points of articulation – on her wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees. This makes her one of the most poseable Barbies in my daughter’s collection.

Overall, my daughter absolutely loved Barbie Extra Doll #9, in part because of her funky, modern aesthetic and multiple points of articulation. It looks like Mattel has hit another home run with this new release.

Guess who?

Barbie Cutie Reveal Wearing a Pink Bunny Costume

The second Barbie doll we received was literally a surprise. As part of the Barbie Cutie Reveal line, the doll was tightly packaged in a unique cylindrical packaging. The packaging ensures that you have no idea what range dolls you are getting, hence the name. The only clue is a small hole in the top of the package that lets you peek at what doll it might be. The packaging as a whole is very well done and includes all the information about the range of dolls, while still being colorful and bright enough to attract the attention of those prying little eyes.

Once you open the top of the packaging, you are greeted with your Barbie Cutie Reveal. In this case, my daughters were absolutely thrilled to learn that they had received the Barbie wearing a Pink Bunny costume.

Once out of the packaging, my girls quickly removed the bunny costume (composed of a bunny head, jacket, pants, and plastic hands and feet) to reveal a blonde Barbie with streaky hair pinks and purples. Unlike the previous Barbie, this one was less articulated and had the same limited range of motion as most Barbies on the market.

In addition to the bunny costume, Barbie Cutie Reveal doll comes with a pet bunny and a few surprise items neatly packaged in separate paper bags. Our surprise items turned out to be a skirt, a pair of turquoise boots, plastic bunny ears and a hair comb.

The doll also has a few other surprises that stunned my daughters with excitement. For one thing, the bunny jacket is reversible, revealing a rainbow-hued design. The Barbie herself also has a little pink bunny nose that reveals itself when dabbed with ice cold water or disappears with warm water. The same goes for his pet rabbit, who opens his eyes when dabbed with cold water and closes them when dabbed with lukewarm water.

Although the Barbie Cutie Reveal doll is the same quality as the previous doll, it was the whole “not knowing what you’re getting” gimmick that caught my girls’ attention and made them want to get out and about. buy another. She’s a doll that, unlike other Barbies, makes the whole unboxing experience a joy. Not only is it a surprise to find out which doll you get, but it’s also easy enough for little hands to open the package without much effort.

Barbie Extra dolls are available online through Takealot and Toy Kingdom and usually retail for around R600.

Barbie Cutie Reveal dolls are available online through Takealot, Toys R Us and Toy Kingdom and usually cost around R750.