Baby doll

Baby Doll, these are the UK’s scariest pet names

You have a secret, cringe-worthy nickname for your partner, don’t you? (We know. Because, chances are, we do.)

It’s embarrassing to admit, but many of us have endearing, invented, onomatopoeic terms that we pronounce with love. But there are also the more traditional pet names that we like to stick with in social settings.

Greeting card company Thortful has now listed some of the most popular words of affection we use to refer to our partners. And, as expected, some of them are pretty cringe.

Thortful conducted a survey asking people what the nation’s favorite nicknames are for their loved ones. Data showed almost half of Britons (47%) are guilty of calling their other half something cutesy.

But the majority of those polled admitted to sticking to the more conventional nicknames, with “love” in mind. Almost a third (29%) of the 1,500 respondents revealed that it was their preferred name.

Next on the list was “babe” with 25% admitting to using it, followed by 17.5% saying “sweetie” and 15.3% sticking to “honey”.

But that’s pretty normal, right? Where’s the cringe in that?

Well, luckily, some respondents said it all. Although “beautiful” is not so awkward, 9.4% admitted to using it.

Meanwhile, 7.7% said they used the “honey bun,” followed by 7.6% with the “sweetpie” and the “boo” at 5.3%.

And some even admitted to using “baby boy/girl” (4.8%) while others prefer “princess” (4.7%).

But regardless of the pet’s name, the majority of couples said they preferred using them at home, with 76% saying they use their partner’s real name when in public.

And it seems that embarrassment goes both ways, as 32% revealed they would be mortified if their partner used these terms in the world.

Here are the most used animal names:

  1. Love – 29%
  2. Baby – 25%
  3. Honey – 17.8%
  4. My darling – 15.3%
  5. Beautiful – 9.4%
  6. Honey roll – 7.7%
  7. Honey – 7.6%
  8. Boo – 5.3%
  9. Baby boy/Baby girl – 4.8%
  10. Princess – 4.7%