Baby doll

‘Baby Doll’ Sunny Leone is ready to hit the music charts

Saregama, one of the country’s oldest music companies, has become the new station for singer Kanika Kapoor, who played a key role in T Series Music Company’s rise to the top of the digital world with her song “Baby Doll”. The company released a special dance track “Madhuban” in association with the super hit duo of Kanika Kapoor and “Baby Doll” of Sunny Leone. Sunny Leone, dancing at the request of Ganesh Acharya, the number one choreographer in Hindi cinema, is trying to come back into the limelight through this song and her dancing with the lyrics of the song is also attracting people. Sunny Leone has been making a lot of publicity for this new song lately and she hopes this song will play everywhere on New Year’s Eve.

sunny leon

There is a special thing associated with this Kanika Kapoor song. In this song, the winner of a recent Saregama digital contest had the chance to harmonize with Kanika. The winner was Arindam Chakraborty and the male voice heard in this song is Arindam’s. On the other hand, Shivika Pratap Singh, who won the Saregama video contest, is seen dancing with Sunny Leone in the music video for this song. Speaking about her new music video, Sunny Leone says, “I’m lucky that the audience liked all my songs in which I also showed my dancing and it kicks me up a notch.” By sharing “Madhuban” on social media, I received immense love from fans. It was great to be a part of this song, I hope it will say goodbye to 2021 in a big way and welcome 2022 with a bang.


At the same time, Kanika Kapoor looked so excited about a song after a long time. She says, “Sunny made the song so beautiful. It was a lot of fun doing this song. It’s a high energy, great dance number and I’m very happy with the response the song is getting. The music video choreographer is also very happy with the appreciation for their hard work. “What we loved about filming this song was the energy we see on screen,” he says.

Popular music composer Sharib Toshi also worked hard to make this song the farewell song of the year. He says, “This song will be on all the music charts in the days to come. This song is full of energy, fun and excitement. Kanika sang it very well and Sunny dances to it and makes the video for this song amazing. did it.