Baby doll

BABY DOLL (2021) Italian horror film premiere

Doll is a 2021 Italian horror film in which exchange students find themselves in a house where strange rituals have been performed.

Written and directed by Manfre Lozial, making his directorial debut. Produced by Mauro Loverre and Andrea Zirio.

The Adrama production stars Samantha Ciravolo, Ortensia Fioravanti, Mauro Loverre, Marco Paolini, Marta Tananyan, Claudia Zarauti and Andrea Zirio.



Four foreign students are forced to take refuge in an old abandoned house after discovering that the villa they were supposed to stay in is no longer available.

Before long, one of the students begins to hear whispers and see spooky things everywhere. One by one, they begin to uncover the terrifying truth…

To free:

Doll is available for rent or purchase on Amazon Prime through ITN Distribution.

Cast and characters:

Samantha Ciravolo … Samara
Ortensia Fioravanti … Elisabeth
Mauro Loverre … Matteo
Marco Paolini … Mario
Marta Tananian … Dasha
Claudia Zarauti … Janka
Andrea Zirio … Alehandro

Technical details:

Aspect ratio: 2.35:1


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