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Asian Doll & Katie Got Bandz Seem To Shade On “Queen Of Drill” Track

Asian and Katie exchanged snaps on Twitter.

Asian Doll has beef on her hands. Like HipHopDX Reports, the 25-year-old had a heated exchange on social media with Katie Got Bandz earlier this week as the two recording artists argued over the track “Queen of Drill.”

While promoting a new single on her Instagram feed, Doll wrote “QUEEN OF DRILL NO BITCH BETTER”, prompting Katie – a Chicago-based drill – to hit back with a diss track called “Excuse Me Bitch”, on which she demands that her rival not take her previously claimed title.

“QUEEN OF THE DRILL? STOP IT SALAD YOU GOT NO SHIT,” KGB wrote the Texas-born hitmaker on Thursday. Shortly after, Asian Doll went on her own rant, writing, “SUCK MY D*CK. Being faithful makes you play with it, so it’s time to play with these WACK ASS BITCHES… I’m built for this shit.”

She continued, “Look how the tables turn on anyone who wants to see me FAIL. I’m screwed but I’m not a punk, I’m made for this shit so y’all [hating] you hoes GONE GET IT. “

In response, Katie brought the name of “No Lames” rapper Kash Doll into the conversation, writing, “FIRST YOU STOLE KASHDOLL’S NAME NOW YOU THINK YOU COME FOR DRILL QUEEN? DAMN BITCH YOU ORIGINATE NOTHING? “

Later in their feud, the Chicago native called out Asian Doll on her roots, saying, “TEXAS AIN’T EVEN A DRILL STATE BITCH.”

“Imagine lying in bed all day on Twitter watching your whole life talking about a female dog who spent your whole life up to x1000000 for a few retweets,” the “Nunnadet Shit” artist joked. “. “You female dogs obsessed with dust, I see.”

Who do you think deserves the title of Queen of Drill – Asian Doll, Katie Got Bandz or another artist entirely? Sound off in the comments below, and come back with HNHH for more celebrity updates.