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Asian doll claims Jackboy is ‘not going anywhere’ after hinting at their breakup


The ‘So Icy Princess’ artist assures fans she’s still dating Jackboy just a day after saying she’s ‘never [be] enter into another relationship.

AceShowbiz – Asian doll (Da Brat asian) may be just as confused about her love life as her fans. Just a day after hinting at his breakup with jackboy With a cryptic social media post, the “So Icy Princess” artist claimed her boyfriend is “not going” anywhere.

The woman, who turns 24 on December 7, has set the record straight on her relationship status after a fan wrote on Twitter: “JACKBOY PROLLY FUCKS WITH YOU EXPRESSLY SO HE HAS NOTHING TO GET YOU FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY.” In response, she simply wrote, “Jack boy don’t go now sir.”

The message came after Doll swore that she “will never be [be] getting into another relationship” on Twitter. The Dallas native added in the Thursday, Dec. 2 post, “About my niece, remember I said that.”

Many have since made fun of Doll because she said she wanted to settle down about a month ago. “Why do you write stuff like that on social media [crying laughing emoji] next week is going to be a diff. History,” one person asks.

“Is it the same who wanted to get married or AM I TRIPPIN???” another quizzed, while another person commented, “& She really asked him to marry her.” Someone else then chimed in, “Okay. Drop me a sis screenshot so I can ‘is that you?’ Later.”

The late ex-girlfriend King Von went public with her romance with Jackboy in September. During an Instagram Live session at the time, a fan asked “how does Jackboy think you still want to be called Queen Von”. She answered the question by explaining, “He doesn’t care…He doesn’t care. He doesn’t give me jealous vibes…He doesn’t care about any of that.”

Later in November, Doll suggested she was ready to marry Jackboy. She wrote on Twitter: “My problem is I want to move in together now, get married and start a family [crying laughing emoji] We’re waiting.” Two days later she added, “Jack gotta marry me, let’s tie the knot nigga [weary face emoji].”

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