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Asian doll blasts trolls criticizing her outfit at her Bollywood-themed birthday party


Despite having a Bollywood-themed birthday party, the ‘So Icy Princess’ entertainer opts to go with an Egyptian look at her party, which is being held at Revel in Atlanta.

AceShowbiz – Asian doll (Da Brat asian) won’t let anyone watch her fashion. After being ridiculed online for her outfit at her Bollywood-themed birthday party, the ‘No Exposing’ singer took to her social media account to hit back at her online critics .

The Dallas native, who turned 25 on December 7, gave her party an Egyptian look despite the Bollywood theme. For the event, she dressed in a silver-pink ensemble which she accessorized with a handful of silver bracelets and matching headwear.

Many have since questioned Doll’s choice of costume, with one fan asking on Twitter, “Why are you causing all this controversy behind a Bollywood-themed party and going out dressed like Cleopatra?” In response, she replied, “LOUD and FALSE… y’all created all this controversy because I posted a themed party flyer next time watch your fucking stuff, bitch, j should have flown for a carpet magic h*e.”

Another user also asked the “Pull Up” femcee, “How did you miss YOUR party theme???” Exhausted from the question, she raged, “Because I’m ASIAN DOLL, I sit and do whatever I want and watch sluts like you’re stalking my every move.”

Doll went on to note in a separate tweet, “I live in whatever you can think of without rent. I control you bitches just by doing whatever I want and how I want to do it.” The “So Icy Princess” artist then told her detractors, “We live our lives to the fullest here, bitches.”

Doll previously drew backlash after announcing her “Escape to India” party, which was held at Revel in Atlanta. Many on Twitter blamed the late rapper’s ex-girlfriend King Von cultural appropriation, with one saying, “No ma’am…cultural appropriation is not a good look…stop the bullshit.”

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