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Arn Anderson says Baby Doll is called “Original Goldberg”

The most recent episode of RNA followed a special question-and-answer format, and Arn Anderson spoke about former NWA star Nickla Ann Roberts-Byrd, also known by her ring name, Baby Doll.

She used the slogan “You’re next” even before Goldberg entered the professional wrestling industry. One of the podcast listeners even called it “The Original Goldberg”.

Arn Anderson worked with Baby Doll in the 1980s, and he remembered her as a strong athlete in her prime. He said that Baby Doll’s strength was such that she could easily mate with Tully Blanchard.

“You know, it’s funny, that we were all stealing from each other. Different generations are stealing from each other and the promotional lines. Baby Doll was really, probably tough. I know she was strong as the Hell, I knew that. She used to ride Tully paired up at the Atlanta airport on her back, you know, a couple of times I saw that. Yeah, she rode Tully on the back, you know. They were just fooling around, “Arn Anderson recalls.

Baby Doll (who was also featured as Andrea the Lady Giant at the time), with Gino Hernandez, who was the very first wrestler she had ever coached. Blanchard

Arn Anderson on Baby Doll preventing man from stabbing Tully Blanchard

TV World Champion – Tully Blanchard with his Perfect 10 Babies Doll

Arn Anderson also recalled how Baby Doll once pulled a knife from a man who attempted to stab Tully Blanchard. While AEW’s personality was unsure of the correctness of the story, he was sure of her courage and strength.

Arn added that the “You’re next” promo line was perfect for Baby Doll as she was a tough woman who never backed down from a fight.

“So, and Tully had always said it, he had a story where someone tried to stab him or something, and she grabbed the knife by the blade and took it from a guy. I don’t know. if that’s 100% true, but That’s the story he told. She’s a tough woman! If the whole “You’re Next” thing was cut to the quick, “You’re next” , says it all, ”added Arn Anderson.

Baby Doll was booked as a dominant female performer in her heyday and was best known for working in Jim Crockett Promotions.

She is currently 59 years old and played her last match in a “Battle of the Sexes” competition against Jim Cornette for Big Time Wrestling (BTW) in 2016.

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