Baby doll

A hilarious video of a woman clumsily holding a doll to show that she is not ready to have children

  • A beautiful woman doesn’t allow anyone to pressure her into having kids and took to TikTok to show how unready she was to be a mom
  • In the funny clip, debyoscar is seen holding a doll, looking very uncomfortable as if she had nothing to do with “the child”
  • In the caption of the viral video, the girl noted that while all of her friends may be mothers, she doesn’t envy them at all.

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A gorgeous woman has taken to social media to make a video to show she’s in no rush to have kids.

debyoscar has shown that she is in no rush to have children. Image: debyoscar/TikTok.
Source: UGC

In the viral clip, TikTok user debyoscar eerily held a doll to prove how unprepared she was for motherhood, staring at the “child” as if she didn’t know what to do with it.

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Parenthood and the decision to have children is very personal, and although this beauty’s video was made in jest, no woman or man should be pressured into having babies because of societal norms.

The lovely lady captioned her clip:

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“When you’re the only childless one in your group of friends, but you don’t envy them at all.”

Debyoscar then pretended to hand the ‘baby’ over to her mum and seemed very relieved as she did, LOL.

the stunner Publish many people burst out laughing, with others noting that they thought the doll was a real child due to its realism.

Take a look at the video and comments from social media users:

Tiffani Renee said:

“The way you hold the baby is me.”

Summer added:

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“Is it a real baby?”

Rosy’s beauty secrets reacted:

“And you have me, 27, single and no kids. People in my community insult me. I’m still a student, though.

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