Baby doll

A 3-year-old’s beloved (and creepy) doll

‘Creepy Chloe’ is really something else

As a mother of two girls, Brittany Beard is no stranger to her children asking for new dolls. She just never would have thought to buy one from a Spirit Halloween store.

Alas, that’s exactly what she found herself doing on a recent trip there with her three-year-old. The Florida mum recently shared on Facebook how her daughter Briar has chosen a new favorite companion who is downright terrifying.

Like any parent would, Brittany tried to convince Briar that she didn’t need the doll. “But I am, it’s mom and she needs me!” she says. And so, Chloe (Briar’s chosen name) became part of the family.

Brittany immediately dubbed the doll “Creepy Chloe,” which sounds about right. He has glowing red eyes and skin that looks like it hasn’t been moisturized in 100 years. “I’m pretty sure Creepy Chloe steals my soul when I sleep,” she wrote.

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With Briar and Chloe firmly connected at the hip, that meant the doll had to visit Disney World with the family, decked out in a Haunted Mansion-themed princess dress, no less. “Because creepy babies need Disney magic too, I guess?” The beard tells TODAY. Yes, yes they do.

During their adventures in the park, Briar and Chloe visited the Grand Floridian Cafe and met the restaurant’s pastry chef before being taken to secret rooms in the Haunted Mansion. Briar took photos with the cast members and received a certificate as the mansion’s official caretaker. “Briar just thought she was royal,” mom says.

About letting her precious three-year-old cart around a doll that looks like a pint-sized Hellraiser, Brittany simply says, “I just let her be her.” Briar’s dad adds, “You know, maybe it’s a good lesson that you like everything, no matter what it looks like.”