Baby doll

Back-to-school photos show Idaho students in blackface with black-painted doll hanging from stick

The photos were quickly removed after some students appeared to be in blackface and a black-painted baby doll hanging from a stick was seen in a crowd. SHELLEY, Idaho – Last week, Shelley High School posted photos from its annual Russian Olympics on social media, the school’s competitive take on coming home. The photos were […]

Rag doll

2 Lake County school workers quit after video shows student dragged out – WFTV

LAKE COUNTY, Fla .– Principals said a tutor at a Lake County school bragged about doing a so-called “Superman Carry” on a 6-year-old kindergarten student. The two employees, a dean and a school tutor, resigned in lieu of their dismissal. The parents of the 6-year-old want to know why no local law enforcement agency is […]